Is There an Equivalent in Canada For a 1031 Exchange?

If you remember reading our previous article What is a 1031 Exchange? you’ll remember that a 1031 exchange also known as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code 1031, states that investors of commercial properties can sell their property and reinvest those funds into a “like-kind” property. Essentially allowing investors to “defer capital gain taxes as well as facilitate significant portfolio growth and increase return on investment.”  If you’re new to the topic you can catch up on 1031 exchanges here.

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How to Find Local Statistics in Your State

Stats, stats, stats, we all need them and frankly, we all thrive on them in this industry. Because let’s face it, what better way to prove your credibility than to give your clients and future clients all the important and most accurate information needed to make the best business decisions?

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3 Ways to Prepare for September & the Fall

With summer NEARLY behind us, most of us are ready for the routine and rhythm of the Fall. If you are involved in commercial real estate, September is important. What to do now to be prepared: Decide which COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CONFERENCES you will attend. Check out this great list of options. Conferences provide a great opportunity to connect … Read more

For Sale by Owner in the Commercial world?

Ever wondered if FSBO works with commercial real estate? First time real estate investors should avoid these mistakes: Lack of a strategy. Overvaluing the asset. Underestimating the cost of repairs. Not having your financing in order. Not thinking about property management. Explore more at

Commercial Bridge Loans: What are they? Should you get one?

Options, options, and more options – you have OPTIONS and you may not even be aware.

In today’s market, Bridge funding has become the fastest way to obtain quick financing. Unlike conventional lending, bridge funding does not lean heavily on credit scores and financial documentation, but rather the strength of the property and market value. Interest rates are often higher, a bridge lender can close a loan under two weeks, sometimes 3-4 days! Investors use bridge funding to acquire the property fast, then refinance later with a conventional mortgage. These types of loans work best for the investor with cash, but can’t show much income.
Anthony West

Especially when it comes to securing the financing needed to secure a commercial real estate property. When it comes to financing, it can be quite difficult to find an institution willing to lend you the funds but on top of that, the process can be time-consuming, require a great deal of work, and unneeded stress. Only to find out that the financing just didn’t go through for a number of different reasons.

But have no fear, you have options – in particular, Commercial Bridge Loans.

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6 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch Out For

The commercial real estate industry is constantly changing and before you know it the knowledge you have of the market can be completely outdated and unhelpful when it comes to making educated business decisions. To help keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in commercial real estate we’ve looked to our friends at for their insight on the current trends in this ever changing industry.

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Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course

The Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course is a complete commercial real estate and investment course and designation for the broker or investor striving to learn more about commercial real estate, and advance  their career in commercial real estate.  Welcome to the course and let’s get started! The more you know about CRE, the more opportunities to build … Read more

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A Look at the Commercial Real Estate Bubble That is About to POP!

Since the imploding of the Financial Crisis back in 2009, banks and other financial lending institutions have been weary when it comes to lending money to Commercial Real Estate investors. And to be honest…. we don’t blame them, since “CRE loans were in part responsible for the near-collapse of the financial system during the Financial Crisis,” according to Business Insider.

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3D-Printed Buildings, the Future of CRE?

The world of CRE is one that is always evolving and that means we all need to be paying closer attention. Especially to the new up and coming techniques, tools, and trends that make their way into this world. One of which is 3D-printing, what was once a cool and fun trend for duplicating small objects, figurines, and toy like creations, has evolved into much more.

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Toys ‘R’ Us Store Closures Means CRE Opportunities

You may have heard the latest news about or favorite childhood memory, Toys ‘R’ Us filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in December of 2017, it’s a sad day for those of us who grew up with Geoffrey the Giraffe. But the news has the commercial real estate world running to closing stores in hopes that they can secure the property for themselves.

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My Broker Story: Brett Swarts

We recently sat down with Founder and CEO of Commercial Realty Apartment AdvisorsBrett Swarts to get a look at his journey in commercial real estate. Brett was generous enough to answer our questions about how he started out in CRE and some of the lessons hes learned about the industry along the way.

We’ll start our 2 part interview with Brett this week with a few questions about how Brett began his journey.

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Is Multi-Family Ready For Modular?

The popularity among the new trend that is Modular is sweeping the nation, especially in areas that were recently hit by natural disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes. Modular is providing these areas the ability to rebuild their communities in a fraction of the time. By building modular buildings developers have been able to save upwards of 25% of the construction time versus what is typically seen with conventional construction.

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Amazon on The Lookout For Retail Space

Amazon is dominating e-commerce and now brick-and-mortar, or at least making every attempt to. In order to do so the online giant will have to increase its retail footprint, by doing so, Amazon will be able to accomplish what all their customers demand, faster and cheaper delivery.

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Multifamily Green Financing: Do You Qualify?

Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Green Financing is allowing developers and investors the opportunity to “enhance the financial performance, environmental sustainability, and quality of the country’s multifamily housing stock.” The latest trend in environmentally friendly and conscious living amongst a younger generation of consumers has brought forth the same trend in the commercial real estate world and financial institutions like Fannie Mae are acknowledging the trend and its benefits.

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Starbucks’ Own Howard Schultz and the State of Retail

Starbucks’ own executive chairman, Howard Schultz has a few key insights on the state of retail properties. Schultz recently told Starbucks employees that “the retail sector was reaching a point where landlords of even prime centers would need to lower rents.”  This doesn’t come as a shock to many as in the last two years more and more big time retailers have announced store closures due to bankruptcy filings. 

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Eco-Friendly Wooden Skyscrapers

Lever Architecture’s founder, Thomas Robinson is revolutionizing the way developers build some of today’s tallest and most influential buildings. A pioneer in his industry, Robinson has been able to design and develop structures using only wood, no concrete or steel is needed to help bear the weight of the infrastructure. Not only is this method allowing a more affordable way for construction, but is also benefiting the environment in which they are built in.

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Self Cleaning CRE Properties

Spanish company Neolith has done the imaginable, the hard-surface company has entered the air-purifying building materials market. Launching a collection of building materials made from 100% raw materials, including: granite minerals, silica, and natural oxides. Proving that commercial real estate developers have green and eco-friendly material options when it comes to making efforts to implement greener and environmentally cautious materials into their developments.

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Valutate: “A Pro-Forma in Your Pocket”

What many new commercial brokers don’t know about commercial real estate is that there is actually a great deal of number crunching involved with a commercial real estate transaction. If math isn’t your strongest suit, then you might be hesitant to try to do any or all calculations yourself.

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Commercial Real Estate Technology Helping CRE Investors

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are an effective way for commercial real estate investors to monitor their speed, accuracy, and adaptability when it comes to navigating through day-to-day tasks. Many CRE investors monitor the KPIs of their business by implementing different CRE technologies. These three metrics; speed, accuracy, and adaptability will ultimately help investors succeed in helping their own organizations make better and faster investment decisions.

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KTGY’s Apartment of the Future 🔮 PT. 2

KTGY’s Apartment of the Future Continued – PT. 2:


KTGY’s working spaces become “create” spaces, inspired from the co-working trend that is popular among young professionals today. Co-working spaces from companies like WeWork, Cover, and NeueHouse not only create an engaging and unique working environment, but they also host a number of work related events like; book talks, lectures, workshops, and more. KTGY plans on creating a space that takes this co-working concept and incorporates a campus-style vibe that helps reinforces collaboration and engagement among its residents.

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KTGY’s Apartment of the Future 🔮 PT. 1

Enhancing the ways in which tenants experience everyday life; from eating, sleeping, working, and playing, KTGY Architecture + Planning Tysons has been able to revolutionize apartment living for future tenants. Designing “The Apartment of the Future,” KTGY has been able to tap into the basic human needs of residents and create a living and working space that is more than just functional or expected.

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The Forests Tower: An Environmentally Conscious & Affordable Multi-Family Development

Buying a home in the current market is nearly impossible, turning many hopefuls to rent instead, but even then renting in some big cities has unfortunately become an unrealistic reality. That is all about to change with many developers around the world adopting a whole new perspective on what not only works for renters but what works for the environment as well.

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NEW Sacramento Investment Opportunity!

Sacramento, CA is a thriving market with a population of over 2.5 million people and a strong  and growing employment market, it’s a no brainer that more businesses are turning to the Bay Area to plant their roots. In the last 12 months the area has seen an added 23,000 jobs in a various amount of markets, including: healthcare, technology, and education.

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CRE preparations for the NEW YEAR!

3 Habits leads to a successful 2018 3 habits you can put in place that will help your 2018 be incredible. 1. Read ONE ARTICLE each day from an expert. 2. Subscribe to ONE SOFTWARE to leverage your business process. for investment property financial analysis. to analyze CRE Explore software recommendations at 3. Create ONE 30-SEC VIDEO each … Read more

What Residential Agents Should Know About CRE Deals – Webinar with Troy Muljat, CCIM

What Residential Agents Should Know About CRE Deals – Webinar with Troy Muljat, CCIM If you have been a broker involved mostly with residential transactions this webinar is must-see. Troy will cover the 4 key areas that differ in a commercial real estate transaction. Understand Your Client’s Goals Understand Asset Classes Know the Numbers Understand the … Read more

What’s the Point of a Virtual Assistant?

There are never enough hours in the day, we get it. We have so much on our plate, it’s almost impossible to accomplish it all in the limited 8-hour work day. Despite all of our to-do lists and the time we’ve allocated to get some stuff done, it always seems like we’re crunched for time.

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Top 4 Books For CRE Brokers

There are countless books, articles, and blogs out there on the world of CRE, but we know you’re busy so we thought we’d make things a little easier on you by giving you our top 4 favorite books on the topic. To help guide you along your career by improving your knowledge and skills on the commercial real estate world.

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