Commercial Real Estate Training

Troy Muljat (CCIM, CPM, CRB) has developed a series to help commercial agents take their work to the next level. There are 2 options:

Join the self-directed course at
This course contains over 8 hours of video instruction by Troy Muljat, CCIM, who has spent his career in commercial real estate and currently has over 2.5 billion dollars in commercial property under management.

Join the LIVE Commercial Selling course available through

In this course, you will discover:

  • How to guide your family, friends, and database into the right commercial investment opportunities.
  • Start tackling and closing the lower, medium and mega commercial deals you haven’t known how to close and start picking up the commission dollars you’ve been leaving behind.
  • Discover the segment of the commercial market that will both energize you while and reward you financially.
  • Master the secret top level negotiation strategies that will allow you to put even the most complicated deals together with ease.
  • Discover how to find, analyze, and complete a commercial lease and sale transaction in a way that have never been shared before!
  • How to generate an endless supply of leads that are specifically primed for today’s commercial market!

Join through

Thank you, Forward Coaching, for teaming with Troy Muljat, CCIM to offering the CRE course. Troy has been doing exceptional teaching and sharing his experience and knowledge with us. I do appreciate the tools and materials that Troy has share with us. Troy is the first or probably the only experienced CCIM that I have met who is not selfish in sharing his success and secret on how to build wealth. He has given us the tools on how to be valued added to your potential investors or clients in CRE. Troy is a successful CCIM and he is a product of his teaching. He walks the talks. He is sharing his 30 plus years of experience as a practitioner in CRE.

Jim – First Metro Realty

This course includes:

  • Multiple weeks Of Live Commercial Real Estate Training
  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Troy Starting in Week 5
  • Troy’s Commercial Real Estate Calculator
  • Commercial Real Estate Listing Presentation
  • Troy’s Income Analysis Template
  • Email Access to Troy in Between Your Calls
  • Troy’s Commercial Real Estate Templates:
    • Commercial LOI (Letter of Intent) Template
    • Troy’s BPO Template
    • Commission Template for Leasing Property
    • Offering Memorandum Templates
    • Multiple Spreadsheet Templates for Valuing Properties
    • Market Analysis Template

Meet your coach: Troy Muljat

Troy Muljat (CCIM, CPM, CRB) is a multi-designated commercial broker and experience investor, commercial appraiser, property manager and real estate developer. Troy has completed hundreds of commercial appraisals, BPO’s and helped clients transact over 400 million in commercial real estate deals.  He has also completed hundreds of lease transactions on behalf of a variety of office, industrial and retail tenants. Most impressively, Troy has developed and owns all four major asset classes of real estate. He will take you on a journey through his own deals and show you the intricacies of commercial investment real estate. Troy also owns an independent real estate brokerage firm and a property management firm. Troy is active in the commercial real estate industry and has been quoted in the WSJ, local and regional radio shows and news media and was named a “rising star” earlier in his career by the CREI magazine. Troy has been called a “serial entrepreneur” and has bought and sold multiple businesses, including retail businesses, property management businesses and technology businesses.