Factors To Consider Before Moving To A New Commercial Office Building

Moving to a new office space comes with a fantastic chance to grow your business. If you relocate to an office with great technology and infrastructure, you can improve employee efficiency and quality of life. After all, the right commercial office building you’ll choose can significantly impact your business. If you’re planning an office relocation … Read more

CAP Rates with Troy Muljat

Do you know what a CAP Rate is? . Do you know how to calculate one? . . Have no fear, Troy Muljat breaks CAP Rates down to its simplest form just for you! Learn what they are, how to calculate them, and what they mean given your property and your market.  

How to Use Facebook Ads for CRE Listings

Facebook’s user base consists of over 2 billion users, according to Zephoria. This means that there is a possible 2 billion users encountering your commercial real estate ads every day. Now keep in mind that while there are over 2 billion users on Facebook, not all 2 billion of those will encounter your ads. You … Read more

How to Finish 2018 Strong?

How to Finish 2018 Strong?

As we enter December, it is time to decide how you want to finish the year. 2019 holds new promise, but here are 4 things to do to end 2018 well.

#1 – Check in with your active clients with a quick text or call. All other clients need at least one email.

#2 – Review all your active listings from the perspective of a buyer. Test-drive your own website to get a real experience of what your clients go through. You are guaranteed to find 3 or 4 things you can improve. Find incremental improvements.

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Is There an Equivalent in Canada For a 1031 Exchange?

If you remember reading our previous article What is a 1031 Exchange? you’ll remember that a 1031 exchange also known as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code 1031, states that investors of commercial properties can sell their property and reinvest those funds into a “like-kind” property. Essentially allowing investors to “defer capital gain taxes as well as facilitate significant portfolio growth and increase return on investment.”  If you’re new to the topic you can catch up on 1031 exchanges here.

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The Favorite Web Tools & Apps other Commercial Real Estate Brokers are already using

If you are not already using these tools, it is time! First American Title App. Real-time, location-relevant data for any property. LoopNet & CoStar. Nationwide commercial listings. AND a great place to promote yourself. Also check out CoStarGo. Financial Calculator. All brokers need a go-to tool for calculating 10-year cash flow, NPV, NOI, and IRR. IRRCalculator.pro is a free … Read more

How to Find Local Statistics in Your State

Stats, stats, stats, we all need them and frankly, we all thrive on them in this industry. Because let’s face it, what better way to prove your credibility than to give your clients and future clients all the important and most accurate information needed to make the best business decisions?

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We know it’s not yet September … what Month is the best for Commercial Real Estate?

Hopefully, most of you are still out enjoying the end of summer. Our partner, Troy Muljat, has been floating around the Bellingham Bay enjoying the warm weather in the Northwest. But, as kids go back to school and people settle back into routines, it is the perfect time for commercial real estate brokers to get … Read more

3 Ways to Prepare for September & the Fall

With summer NEARLY behind us, most of us are ready for the routine and rhythm of the Fall. If you are involved in commercial real estate, September is important. What to do now to be prepared: Decide which COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CONFERENCES you will attend. Check out this great list of options. Conferences provide a great opportunity to connect … Read more

For Sale by Owner in the Commercial world?

Ever wondered if FSBO works with commercial real estate? First time real estate investors should avoid these mistakes: Lack of a strategy. Overvaluing the asset. Underestimating the cost of repairs. Not having your financing in order. Not thinking about property management. Explore more at https://www.forsalebyowner.com/blog/top-5-mistakes-first-time-real-estate-investors-make/

Commercial Real Estate News for Friday June 29

In Friday commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at the 10 must reads for CRE, what professional CRE players can learn about investing from athletes, how foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate remains strong, and so much more!

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Commercial Bridge Loans: What are they? Should you get one?

Options, options, and more options – you have OPTIONS and you may not even be aware.

In today’s market, Bridge funding has become the fastest way to obtain quick financing. Unlike conventional lending, bridge funding does not lean heavily on credit scores and financial documentation, but rather the strength of the property and market value. Interest rates are often higher, a bridge lender can close a loan under two weeks, sometimes 3-4 days! Investors use bridge funding to acquire the property fast, then refinance later with a conventional mortgage. These types of loans work best for the investor with cash, but can’t show much income.
Anthony West

Especially when it comes to securing the financing needed to secure a commercial real estate property. When it comes to financing, it can be quite difficult to find an institution willing to lend you the funds but on top of that, the process can be time-consuming, require a great deal of work, and unneeded stress. Only to find out that the financing just didn’t go through for a number of different reasons.

But have no fear, you have options – in particular, Commercial Bridge Loans.

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Commercial Real Estate News for Wednesday June 13

In Wednesday’s commercial real estate news – we’ll give you a look at what an AT&T Time Warner merger could mean for CRE, why Fannie and Freddie should hold billions in capital, the over $1 billion CRE properties in Romania, and so much more.

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