How To Make Your New Commercial Office Space Inviting Before Moving

Moving can be an excellent opportunity to expand your business. To do that, you’ll need to keep your office space look inviting and up to date before the day of your relocation. It’s an essential thing to do because you have employees who will be working there and working means having an attractive and comfortable place for them.


If you don’t want to move in a cluttered, old-fashioned commercial office space, read on this article to learn some tips on how to make your workspace inviting.


1. Clear the clutter


The first thing you should do is to tidy up your new commercial office space before you and your employees arrive. It’s vital that you clear the clutter, so you can have a fantastic view of how you can decorate your office. In such a case, get rid of anything unnecessary in the area such as old paperwork, old pieces of furniture, and so on. Once you’re done with de-cluttering, you can either hire professional cleaning services or do the cleaning in-house. Whatever your decision is, be sure your new space is clutter-free upon your arrival.


2. Place a piece of conversational furniture


Some pieces of furniture play an important role in making your workspace beautiful. If you want a statement that will define your new space, add conversational furniture. It’ll not only provide an impression about your work environment but will also make your office an inviting place for collaborations and meetings. For example, if you think of adding your old piece of office furniture to your new commercial space in NYC and other cities, hire an experienced moving company NYC for the safe transport of your office items.



3. Welcome nature to your new office environment


Moving to a newly decorated commercial office space can boost your employees’ work performance. To make sure you and your personnel are happy when you move, add plants or fresh flowers to your new office. Doing so can keep things feel and look more inviting. The presence of plants in the surroundings has an uplifting effect on the workers. Moreover, these natural elements can also add life to a boring place. Just remember to water them as dying plants can give your clients and employees a bad impression of your company.



4. Make use of accent colors


Another way of making your new office space inviting and comfortable is by utilizing accent colors on the walls and your furniture. These color schemes can brighten up the area, making it a cozy place to do businesses on site. So, choose the right combination of accent colors that reflect your personality, and you’ll absolutely bring a fresh look to your new workplace.



5. Improve lighting


Having a light, bright commercial office space before you move can make a big difference. Although it can be sometimes overlooked, the lighting should also be included in the list of things that need improvement. If your workspace has the right lighting fixtures, the entire place will turn into a place where your employees will be happy to work in. Also, if you have windows that allow sunlight to come in, be sure to keep them clean and uncovered to have a good source of natural light as much as possible. However, you can use lamps in case your new office has dark areas. This is to ensure that the entire place is bright and lively.



6. Add customized artwork on the walls


It’s clear that moving an office is more complicated than a household move. With all the planning and coordination that needs to be done, you should always one step ahead of everything to avoid too much stress. This is where decorating your new space come into play. You and your employees will surely have a smile on their faces if you move to a newly-decorated workspace. Thus, installing customized artwork on the walls can be a great way to make your place more inviting. For instance, you can get your company logo painted on the walls along with amazing fonts to inspire creativity and transform your commercial office into something refreshing.



7. Install shelves and other storage solutions


Your new space will look more inviting if you add shelves and other storage to get rid of the clutter. Once you arrive, you’ll probably have to deal with piles of documents. To keep the organization and neatness of your office during and after the moving day, having efficient storage solutions can really help.


The Bottom Line


Again, moving, especially with the assistance of professionals like Movers NYC, can be an exciting experience. In order for you not to ruin that excitement, make sure your new commercial office is good to go and updated. By keeping these decorating tips in mind, you can be able to makeover your workspace into something new, inviting, and fresh.