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Brokers, Agents, and Investors that lack the knowledge and experience in commercial real estate will MISS opportunities.

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Don't let lack of knowledge, experience, or fear keep you away from commercial real estate transactions. Learn all the inside information you need to have huge success in CRE.

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Be the hero! Knowing your CRE investment numbers starts with the basics and ends with the Cap Rate, Net Cash Flows, and Internal Rate of Return. Our calculator makes it easy.

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Our articles will enable you to be the "broker in the know". Get insider tips & insights into commercial real estate.

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It is a challenge to find new leads in a competitive market. Find out how we can get you new leads.

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“You don’t know what you don’t know” … so don’t wait until it is too late and you lose a deal.

Whether you are new to CRE or just need to fill in some gaps, start your commercial real estate training today.

Articles & Resources

Be the “broker in the know” … Explore Commercial Real Estate articles, training, news, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course

The Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course is a complete commercial real estate and investment course and designation for the broker or investor striving to learn more about commercial real estate, and advance  their career in commercial real estate.  Welcome to… Read More

How to Finish 2018 Strong?

How to Finish 2018 Strong? As we enter December, it is time to decide how you want to finish the year. 2019 holds new promise, but here are 4 things to do to end 2018 well. #1 –… Read More

The New Lead Gen: Quora

Quora, you may have heard of the popular Q&A site known for sharing knowledge and helping users better understand the world, but what you may not be familiar with is how companies and individuals alike are generating quality leads… Read More

Stock Photos for Real Estate

As you do your daily blogging and Facebook posts, excellent photos make a huge difference. Best option? Hire a photographer to take 100 photos of your area. Then you have a ready stockpile or local photos. The next… Read More

Finding at least one marketing idea!

Found this article today – – and it lists ONE HUNDRED and ELEVEN marketing ideas. That’s right 111. So if you scroll this list you SHOULD be able to find a least one that fits for you! Time… Read More

Your customers are leaving :(

StoryBrand is an excellent resource. They recently discussed this quote. AND it matters to real estate professionals. What can you do to separate from the crowd?