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Articles & Resources

Be the “broker in the know” … Explore Commercial Real Estate articles, training, news, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course

The Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course is a complete commercial real estate and investment course and designation for the broker or investor striving to learn more about commercial real estate, and advance  their career in commercial real estate.  Welcome to… Read More

Volkswagen shakes up management pay after diesel scandal

Volkswagen says it is changing the pay system for its senior management, dropping personal performance bonuses and increasing the extent to which the company’s performance is reflected in variable pay.

US, China face off again at World Trade Organization

China and the United States traded barbs again Wednesday at the World Trade Organization, with the U.S. ambassador accusing China of technology theft while Beijing’s envoy retorted that the U.S. was “finger-pointing.”

Facebook purges more Myanmar accounts for misrepresentation

Facebook has announced its third and biggest purge of military-linked accounts in Myanmar, where critics have charged that the social network did too little to block inflammatory material that fueled communal hatred and violence, particularly against the country’s… Read More