Factors To Consider Before Moving To A New Commercial Office Building

Moving to a new office space comes with a fantastic chance to grow your business. If you relocate to an office with great technology and infrastructure, you can improve employee efficiency and quality of life. After all, the right commercial office building you’ll choose can significantly impact your business.

If you’re planning an office relocation soon, here are a few factors to consider before you move into a new commercial office building.

1. Location


More than anything else, it’s important to take location into account before relocating to a new office space. With the stiff competition you may have in the market, you need to find a place that can keep your clients and employees happy. So, before you decide to move to a new commercial space, find out whether your clients and workers can get there without any hassle. In other words, check the area’s accessibility to different modes of transportation and nearby establishments. Also, be sure to know the security level of the location you want to relocate your office in.


2. Adequate Physical Space


In addition to location, moving to a new commercial office building means you need to make sure you’ll have sufficient physical space for the office design and interior designs. For instance, check whether the space is enough to adequate all your office equipment and furniture. Determine if you have an area to set up multiple computers and peripherals. Not only that but you should also see to it that you can provide individual work areas for your employees to maximize productivity.


3. Price


Typically, an office move to a new commercial office building can cost you tons of money. This is especially true if you’re relocating not just your single office but the whole business operation. In such a case, it’s essential to consider how much you’re willing to spend on your new office space. Spending too little may result in having an area you’re not really satisfied, but shelling out too much money may cause you to struggle to pay the rent. Before your relocation day arrives, determine how much you can afford for a commercial office building and ask regarding hidden fees. The bottom line is, you should get the best deal possible to make the most out of your money’s value.

4. Phone and Internet connections


Let’s admit it – moving to a new space in NYC or other cities, especially with the help of a professional moving company NYC can be extremely expensive. From hiring professionals to packing and moving all heavy equipment, your company will definitely spend more money along the process. That said, installing a phone system and setting up a network should be of paramount importance.


If possible, check whether space is already cabled or you’ll have to get this done before the moving day. Moreover, you should also inspect your area if it has a pre-installed phone system. By knowing all of these things, you can save both time and money once you move in.


5. Amenities and Features


If you’re moving to a new commercial office building, you also have to consider their amenities and features. For instance, your office space may have power needs that are sometimes not typical. Hence, it’s best to evaluate if the electrical infrastructure is enough and cost-efficient. Other important things to keep in mind when it comes to the building’s amenities and features are the air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. Make sure not to relocate to an office space with an outdated HVAC system if you don’t want to pay extra costs.


6. Moving plan


In addition to all the things mentioned above, you also need to prepare a solid moving plan before your scheduled move-in date. When you’re in partnership with professionals like Movers NYC, having a plan in place is essential to guarantee little to no business disruption as much as possible. It’s crucial to include in your moving plan the way you pack and transport all of your office belongings with the assistance of a licensed moving company. Not only that but you should also tackle how you’re going to coordinate your move to your moving committee as well as the manager of the commercial office building where you’ll have to move in.


If you want to make your office relocation as seamless as possible, start planning and organizing now to help you minimize potential disruptions.


The Bottom Line


A transition from your old office to the new commercial office building can be very challenging. That’s why you should plan every aspect of the process to avoid too many disruptions in the business. Prepare for your upcoming move by keeping these factors in mind to ensure a smooth moving experience.