How to Use Facebook Ads for CRE Listings

Facebook’s user base consists of over 2 billion users, according to Zephoria. This means that there is a possible 2 billion users encountering your commercial real estate ads every day. Now keep in mind that while there are over 2 billion users on Facebook, not all 2 billion of those will encounter your ads. You are more likely to gain a better attraction to your commercial listing ad if you optimize and target your ad for your audience; investors, buyers, and sellers.

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Facebook Ads allows you to do just that, refine and target your audience down to their city, age, and even their interests, to ensure that the right people at the right time are seeing your ads. According to, “Facebook is where people spend most of their social media time,” with approximately 97% of people between the ages of 18-34 spending well over 1,000 minutes a month on the site each! Facebook is where your audience is, therefore, you should be too!

Creating the right Facebook Ad can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at times and we want to help ensure that you’re creating the best ads for your audience to ensure you’re generating those commercial real estate leads.

Here are a few tips we’ve put together with some help from some experts over at Hubspot.

Pick the Right Ad Placement

Facebook offers 3 different ad placements, each is visually appealing but different and serves a different purpose. Chose the placement that will best showcase your listing to your audience, we would recommend the “Desktop News Feed Ad”. This ad is larger than their original “Right Column Ad,” which will allow you to better showcase your listing with rich and appealing visual content, like images and videos. “Desktop News Feed Ads” appear directly on your news feed and rather than appearing like a questionable ad on Facebook’s right column, it is more of a native form of advertisement, appearing right in your feed. Appearing right on their feed makes it difficult to ignore when your audience is already casually scrolling through their feed.

We would also recommend the “Mobile News Feed Ad” much like the “Desktop News Feed Ad,” this ad appears on your feed while on your mobile device. Investing in both will allow you to capture your audience when they’re both in the office on their desktop and while they’re on the go on their phones.

Be Visual

Being visual in your ads is imperative, according to Inc. “posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts” and the same can be applied to Facebook Ads. Being visual in your ads can come in the form of high res images of your commercial listings, inside and out or a video tour of your listing, again both inside and outside of your property.

Facebook Ads allows you to present your visual content by offering a number of different Ad Formats; from their Carousel Ad format to their Slide show Ad format, there is a different format for every goal.

Clear Call to Action

Include a clear call to action that entices your audience to act now. May be it’s a sense of urgency that gets them to click or a simple call to action such as, “Schedule a Tour” or “Let’s Chat”.  A clear and concise call to action will allow you to move those potential commercial leads further down the marketing funnel.

Consider a Boosted Post

If you have a previous post for a listing on your Facebook page that could use a little extra attention, we’d recommend boosting that post. It should be noted that boosting a post is different than creating an ad, when you boost a post you to take one of your previous postings and deliver it to an audience of users who may not have had the chance to see it before. Boosting a post allows you to target your audience, customize your budget, schedule the boost, and more.