How to Find Local Statistics in Your State

Stats, stats, stats, we all need them and frankly, we all thrive on them in this industry. Because let’s face it, what better way to prove your credibility than to give your clients and future clients all the important and most accurate information needed to make the best business decisions?

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Our Favorite Brokers on Youtube 📺

Youtube is home to millions if not billions of videos on a number of topics, making it easy for anyone to access a world of how-to entertainment at the click of a button. Youtube is just one resource among many for commercial brokers and investors to use when trying to learn the basics and even the most complex aspects of CRE.

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Understanding IRR with Calculator

Internal Rate of Return or IRR is one of the key numbers to use in evaluating a commercial investment property. Do you know how to find it? Check out the demo of the – it will walk you through CAP Rate, NOI, Cash on Cash Return, and ultimately IRR.

Clock Hours

All real estate brokers need to complete the required number of clock hours each year to maintain their broker license. Explore some of the best options available.‎

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