The New Lead Gen: Quora

Quora, you may have heard of the popular Q&A site known for sharing knowledge and helping users better understand the world, but what you may not be familiar with is how companies and individuals alike are generating quality leads on this site for FREE!

Quora, which is somewhat similar to AskJeeves (if you’re old enough to remember those days), which allows users to ask an array of questions on a number of different topics. Unlike search engines like Google, Quora allows users to ask longer and more engaging questions to the site’s over 200 million unique monthly visitors.

We get it, generating quality leads can be hard and a whole other job within itself, but our friends over at Follow Up Boss have done their work in finding an alternative way for those of us in commercial real estate to generate great quality leads in a truly unique way.

But why would you want to use a Q&A site like Quora to generate commercial real estate leads? Well… why not? Not only is Quora a free resource you can use along with your other lead generating tools or services, but believe it or not Quora has millions of monthly users that are seeking quality answers to questions from experts like you. Quora allows you to connect with a community of people who want and are actively seeking the right answers from people who know their stuff, people like you! Essentially helping you build and validate your credibility as a commercial real estate expert online for others to see.

“The truth is, more of your time should be spent cultivating leads, not just generating leads.” – Brittany Ryan, Follow Up Boss

Our friends at Follow Up Boss aren’t wrong, generating leads is important to any business, but being able to cultivate and nourish those leads is detrimental and being on Quora allows you to do just that. Organically cultivating your leads by being present online and presenting your expertise to those seeking it, allowing for you to find and build new relationships and hopefully new leads.

There are a number of benefits that come along with using Quora, for instance answering questions on Quora instantly builds your authority, building your authority helps increase your exposure, increasing your exposure increases your following and eventually increasing the generation of leads.

Setting up a Quora account is easy, simply sign up using your already existing Gmail or Facebook account. Once you’re signed up, pick the topics or areas of focus you’d like to answer questions for. This allows you to focus your efforts and knowledge in that particular area, in this case, commercial real estate. Try not to stray from your topic in order to build that credibility and generate quality leads.

That’s it! Setting up a Quora account is that easy now all you have to do is answer away!

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