3 Ways to Prepare for September & the Fall

With summer NEARLY behind us, most of us are ready for the routine and rhythm of the Fall. If you are involved in commercial real estate, September is important.

What to do now to be prepared:

  1. Decide which COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CONFERENCES you will attend. Check out this great list of options. Conferences provide a great opportunity to connect with other investors and brokers and learn something new.
  2. Take a LOOK AT YOUR FINANCIALS and set new goals to finish 2018 where you want to be. Would it be helpful to send the investors you represent an updated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow Statement? September is a perfect time to get the conversation going.
  3. Sign up for ONLINE TRAINING. To be a top broker you need to learn faster than the next person. Explore online training options available through CCIM, your local broker association, the NAR, and of course from myNOI and the Commercial Real Estate Expert course.

Enjoy the process. Be proactive and you may remember the Fall of 2018 as the start of something big.

-the myNOI team.

Thank you also to Chris Lawton on Unsplash for the photo.