FAQs about the CREE Course

We get it, the CREE course is a big investment & commitment.

Here are  common questions we get:

Q: How will I have time for “one more thing”? 
A: You are busy. We get that. We’ve made the CREE is accessible anytime, anywhere from your computer or mobile device. You can start and stop anytime so you don’t have to do the whole course in a day. Take some time now to earn more commissions later! This training is IMPORTANT to your success. The URGENT (all the TO-DOs you have today) may be holding you back from bigger success.

Q: What does the course include? 
A: The CREE Course includes 7 insightful videos with dozens of extra resources & templates to help you along the way. The video instruction is from Troy Muljat, a broker/investor/appraiser with over 25 years experience.

Q: Is the CREE theory or practical?
A: This course is everything practical that Troy Muljat has learned in the past 25 years on how to be a successful in commercial real estate transactions.

Q: How do I access the course?
A: The entire course is online and immediately available when you sign up.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Absolutely. Within the first 30 days, after completing the course, if you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve learned let us know & we will get your money back.

Q: Do I have access to Troy to ask questions? 
A: YES! Each week Troy will answer all submitted questions in a live discussion webinar. We want you to be successful in your commercial real estate transactions!

Now what? … don’t put it off. Sign up. Commit. And take your career to the next level.