Is There an Equivalent in Canada For a 1031 Exchange?

If you remember reading our previous article What is a 1031 Exchange? you’ll remember that a 1031 exchange also known as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code 1031, states that investors of commercial properties can sell their property and reinvest those funds into a “like-kind” property. Essentially allowing investors to “defer capital gain taxes as well as facilitate significant portfolio growth and increase return on investment.”  If you’re new to the topic you can catch up on 1031 exchanges here.

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6 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch Out For

The commercial real estate industry is constantly changing and before you know it the knowledge you have of the market can be completely outdated and unhelpful when it comes to making educated business decisions. To help keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in commercial real estate we’ve looked to our friends at for their insight on the current trends in this ever changing industry.

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3D-Printed Buildings, the Future of CRE?

The world of CRE is one that is always evolving and that means we all need to be paying closer attention. Especially to the new up and coming techniques, tools, and trends that make their way into this world. One of which is 3D-printing, what was once a cool and fun trend for duplicating small objects, figurines, and toy like creations, has evolved into much more.

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