Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course

The Commercial Real Estate Expert (CREE) Course is a complete commercial real estate and investment course and designation for the broker or investor striving to learn more about commercial real estate, and advance  their career in commercial real estate.  Welcome to the course and let’s get started!

The more you know about CRE, the more opportunities to build your business.

Fast track your commercial real estate career, take the Commercial Real Estate Expert course!

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Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Speak confidently re: commercial real estate
  • Identify the major real estate assets types
  • Understand how to value commercial real estate
  • Complete a Market Analysis
  • Complete a commercial property financial analysis including IRR, Cap Rate, NOI, and more
  • Get your first commercial listing
  • Understand real life case studies of commercial brokers in action

AND you will also receive:

  • your own branded IRR Financial Calculator site ($99 value)
  • a property specific Property Listing site ($99 value)
  • a Commercial BPO/Valuation Site ($99 value)
  • Commercial Listing Presentation template
  • a Commercial Offering Memorandum template (flyer template)
  • LOI (Letter of Intent) template
  • Multi-page Quarterly/Annual Report template
  • Excel templates for actual investment properties in the case studies