Video: A New Type of Crowdfunding

In this episode of  The Commercial Real Estate Show, Michael Bull interviews co-founder and managing director at ArborCrowd, Adam Kaufman. Now if you’re new to crowdfunding in commercial real estate this video with Adam Kaufman will help you grasp a better understanding of how sourcing funds for your CRE project works.

For those of you who are familiar with how typical crowdfunding works, ArborCrowd’s approach is actually quite different. So before you brush aside crowdfunding sites because “they’re all the same,” take a look at how Adam and his team at ArbCrowd do crowdfunding differently.

How is ArborCrowd Different?


1. ArborCrowd writes out the deal for you!


2. ArborCrowd funds you the money you need right away! No need to raise the money on your own or wait for your goal to be met.


3. ArborCrowd will then reach out to their network of sponsors to raise the funds to cover the amount lent to you.


But these aren’t the only things that make ArborCrowd’s form of crowdfunding different than others! To learn more visit,