How Gaming Technology is Changing the CRE Industry

If you haven’t had your try at VR or AR also known as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, then stop what you’re doing right now and give it a go!

We can only talk from experience, one encounter with a VR headset and we were amazed by this virtual world we were suddenly immersed in. Not only is VR and AR taking the video gaming world by storm, but because of its popularity and recent affordability, more and more companies in differing markets are finding ways to incorporate the virtual world into their businesses.

The commercial real estate world for example is slowly adopting the technology, allowing clients a more realistic view of prospective projects. Providing developers and clients the ability to design, develop, and sell commercial properties from any geographical location. JLL’s WA state manager of project and development services, Ryan D’Arcy finds that “the convergence of 3D visualization and data analytics could prove to be one of the biggest game-changers in the property industry for many decades.” Only proving that VR and AR will be the new norm for the development and sales of commercial properties to different investors from around the world.

A number of small companies have already incorporated the virtual world to their businesses, QT hotel Pacific Bondi Beach for example has already used 3D headsets on potential buyers, allowing them to take on a virtual tour of their locations. This method has proven to be beneficial because it provides the ability to take a 2D plan and create a 3D replication that clients can visually ‘walk-through’.

At times 2D representations aren’t enough, making it difficult for some to conceptualize the property being pitched to them.VR in commercial real estate allows for a client to be fully immersed in a property, ultimately eliminating any fear that could be associated with taking on such a huge investment.

We constantly talk about looking for opportunities to stand out amongst other competitors, well we really think that VR is that opportunity and unfortunately not many are taking advantage of it. So give it a try, immerse yourself in a virtual world and gasp at the too realistic world created within it.

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