The Free CREE Tool You Should Be Using: Compstak Exchange

At times finding reliable and accurate comps are hard to come by, but companies like Compstak Exchange are making it easier than ever for commercial real estate professionals to have the ability to find and exchange comps at the click of a button.

Compstak Exchange is a free online platform that allows commercial real estate professionals like yourself find local, accurate, and reliable comparables for properties near you. Compstak is one of our favorite, easy to use and free online tools to use when it comes to doing our due diligence for a client and their property.

Compstak Exchange is always free and provides you with thousands of comps for the lease and sales of properties. The great thing about Compstak is that all comps are done by other commercial real estate professionals around the US and are then double-checked by Compstak’s own experts to insure that all information is accurate and up to date.

Compstak provides detailed data and analytics you’ll be able to provide your clients with data rich customized reports in order to make better business decisions and to show case your own professionalism and expertise. Providing all the information you could need from; starting rents, landlord concessions, tenant names, sales histories for competing properties and more, Compstak will help you and your clients make the best and most educated business decisions.

How Does Compstak Exchange Work?

Compstak crowdsources all of their data from verified and active professionals both commercial brokers and appraisal firms, they then have their own team of experienced real estate experts review all comps for accuracy.


Give it a try! Compstak is always free – with over 1.5 million comps received since 2011, 275,000 properties, 8.7 billion lease sq ft, and 4.6 billion sales sq ft., Compstak is one of our favorite and free go-to resources!