A Look at the Commercial Real Estate Bubble That is About to POP!

Since the imploding of the Financial Crisis back in 2009, banks and other financial lending institutions have been weary when it comes to lending money to Commercial Real Estate investors. And to be honest…. we don’t blame them, since “CRE loans were in part responsible for the near-collapse of the financial system during the Financial Crisis,” according to Business Insider.

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Amazon on The Lookout For Retail Space

Amazon is dominating e-commerce and now brick-and-mortar, or at least making every attempt to. In order to do so the online giant will have to increase its retail footprint, by doing so, Amazon will be able to accomplish what all their customers demand, faster and cheaper delivery.

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Mesa, Arizona | Industrial Cap Rates

As you may know, Cap Rates are essential in any commercial real estate investment and having an accurate cap rate helps investors determine whether or not a property is worth the risk. We here at myNOI calculate local cap rates for all commercial property types on a daily basis, using our Local Cap Rate tool. … Read more

Investing in Industrial Properties

investing in industrial properties

Investing in industrial properties may not be as luxurious as purchasing a high-end office building or leasing a fancy retail store, but smart investors can make a healthy profit from them. While not glamorous, industrial properties have provided a steady 10.6 return for the last 20 years. This consistency should make them a staple in any investor’s … Read more