The Forests Tower: An Environmentally Conscious & Affordable Multi-Family Development

Buying a home in the current market is nearly impossible, turning many hopefuls to rent instead, but even then renting in some big cities has unfortunately become an unrealistic reality. That is all about to change with many developers around the world adopting a whole new perspective on what not only works for renters but what works for the environment as well.

Offering affordable living to a growing demographic of younger renters who want to live where life is happening, in an urban environment. The Milan-based architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti is doing just that. The firm is not only building aesthetically pleasing apartments, but they’re doing so with the environment in mind, something they call a “social housing project.” Building apartment complexes that bring both greenery and affordability to its renters.

Their most recent project dubbed the “forests tower” is a 250 foot tall Trudo Vertical Forest that will house 125 units. The project was specifically designed with young low-income residents in mind who need affordability and want to still be environmentally consciousness living in a busy city. Each one of the 500 sq ft units will include a 50 sq ft balcony with a tree and over 20 plants and shrubs from across 70 different plant species. The vegetation serves a greater purpose than just providing a beautiful scene, the hope is that the abundance of greenery will help offset pollution by enforcing the absorption of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


“Urban forestry is not only necessary to improve the environment of the world’s cities but also an opportunity to improve the living conditions of less fortunate city dwellers.”– Stefano Boeri


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