Self Cleaning CRE Properties

Spanish company Neolith has done the imaginable, the hard-surface company has entered the air-purifying building materials market. Launching a collection of building materials made from 100% raw materials, including: granite minerals, silica, and natural oxides. Proving that commercial real estate developers have green and eco-friendly material options when it comes to making efforts to implement greener and environmentally cautious materials into their developments.

These eco-friendly slabs are not only intended for indoor use but outside use as well; through sintering technology the large slabs undergo extreme heat and pressure to create a nonporous and durable surface.

Two chemical processes are responsible for these self-cleaning and air-purifying slabs they are, photocatalysis and superhydrophilicity. Photocatalysis is a process that allows light to accelerate a chemical reaction in the the material which then in turn activates titanium dioxide nanoparticles on Pureti-treated Neolith tiles. This entire processes allows for the conversion of moisture in the air to take the form of hydroxyl and superoxide cleaning agents which then transforms into nitrogen dioxide particles prevalent in air pollution into neutral minerals and water vapor.

Superhydrophilicity is then initiated by the contact of water like rain, which allows for the thin film of titanium dioxide to wash away any grime or dirt on the tile slabs, hence the title of our article “self cleaning CRE properties.” The chemical process that takes place allows the tile slabs to self clean themselves reducing the need for cleaning of the building’s exterior.

Neolith is revolutionizing the way developers build properties, providing more eco-friendly and cautious materials that over time help reduce air pollutions by using natural chemicals to clean themselves. More developers and investors should be making efforts to incorporate such materials that not only help the environment but help cut back on costs over time.

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