Top 5 Office Space Rental Websites

Finding an office space that is suited for both your needs and your price range can be a challenge at times, but it shouldn’t have to be. We’ve taken a look at Whista’s “25 Best Websites to Find Office Space for Rent” and picked our favorite top 5 office space rental websites.

So before you try to do a random search of rental spaces near you, check out our favorite 5 websites that are sure to show you a number of promising listings suited for your needs and your budget.

1. Office Space

Office Space allows you to zone in on your zip code in order to find all sorts of commercial properties not just office spaces. With ability to filter through the things that matter to you most when looking for an office space.

Looking for an office space? Check out Office Space for listings near you –

2. 42Floors

42Floors may have been the first in office space rental websites, unlike the others, 42Floors allows you to look at millions of listings and directly contact brokers from within their website. Not only that, but they’ll continuously notify you with new listings in your area.

Looking for an office space? Check out 42Floors for listings near you –

3. NextSpace

Although they’re pretty limited on their office space location availability, they’re doing office rental spaces on a whole other level. NextSpace has been able to create communities of office spaces; where you work alongside and share office space with other office tenants from other realms of businesses all within the same space. They currently only have 3 office communities, but are rapidly expanding with plans on opening communities outside of their home state of California.

Looking for an office space? Check out NextSpace for listings near you –

4. DesksNear.Me

If you’re constantly on the go, but need a quick spot to plant yourself down and get some much needed work done, then DesksNear.Me is the site for you. DesksNear.Me helps you find an office space near you to use for a month or even for one day at a time.

Looking for an office space? Check out DesksNear.Me for listings near you –

5. Hera Hub

Sorry fellas, but this one is for ladies only! Hera Hub provides entrepreneurial women a work space where they can collaborate and connect while in a spa like setting.

Looking for an office space? Check out Hera Hub for listings near you –