4 Gmail Add-Ons Every Commercial Broker Needs

If you aren’t using Gmail, why not? It is simple to use, super-mobile-friendly and with https://gsuite.google.com/ you can keep your business connected and branded.

Now that you are using Gmail, be sure to install these 4 add-ons every commercial broker needs…

1. Boomerang – Scheduled Sending and Email Reminders

Boomerang is one of our absolute favorite add-ons and if you’re as busy as we are you’ll want to add this add-on first! Not only can you schedule your emails in advance, but you can set reminders to remind yourself to respond to those important emails and you can even add “read receipts” that allow you to track the opening and click through of your emails.

Find out more about Boomerang and install it at – http://www.boomeranggmail.com/faq.html


2. Rapportive – Get LinkedIn Profiles right inside Gmail

Rapportive is next on our list! Have you ever found yourself scoping out a potential lead’s social media, especially their LinkedIn for more information about them? Well Rapportive allows you to do just thought without leaving your inbox and better yet it lets you do it discreetly. Rapportive not only shows you their LinkedIn profile, but it also shows you a number of other social media accounts they’re associated with.

Find out more about Rapportive and install it at – https://rapportive.com/


3. Streak – CRM in Your Inbox

Streak will literally help you “run your entire business from your inbox.”

Streak is one of our new favorite add-ons, one that you probably haven’t heard of. Not only does Streak help you maintain your growing customer base, but allows you to do so from within your Gmail account. In addition, Streak allows you to collaborate with other team members by allowing you to share contacts, emails, and files with one simple click.

Find out more about Streak and install it at – https://www.streak.com/


4. WiseStamp – Custom Email Signatures

Every broker needs a clean, professional, and cohesive looking email signature and if you don’t have one you need to head over to WiseStamp right now and create one! And while you’re at it, make sure you take advantage of some of the cool email signature features they have.

Like their “live” post feature, which allows those receiving your emails to keep up to date with your latest social posts by embedding your latest tweet or social media post “live” right into your email signature.

Find out more about WiseStamp and install it at – https://www.wisestamp.com/