3 Great Property Valuation Tools on the Web

If you are a commercial property investor, a commercial real estate broker, or an owner you’ve asked these questions:

What is my commercial property worth?
How do I get an accurate property valuation?
What influences the value of my commercial property?

You need a web tool to help you through the process!

There are hundreds of web resources available to help you in the process. Here are 3 options we found to be are our favorites:

  1. From Financial Mentor a straight forward fill-in-the-blank webform to calculate a value. Visit: https://financialmentor.com/calculator/real-estate-calculator
  2. TheBalance.com provides a good explanation and step-by-step instructions to find the commercial property value. Visit: https://www.thebalance.com/calculating-property-value-with-capitalization-rate-2866800
  3. IPV (“Investment Property Valuator”) – created by Troy Muljat, CCIM over the past 20 years of experience in commercial appraisals and commercial real estate investing, buying and selling.  (Disclaimer: Author of this article works with Troy and helped develop the tool so obviously loves it!) The tool is free to use and explore your commercial property calculations can be saved to refer back at any time.  Explore IPV today – http://ipv.mynoi.com.
    investment property valuation calculator

It was surprisingly difficult to find usable actual calculators for commercial real estate property valuations. Here are a few other resources to help you in the process: