16 Reasons your Awesome Email could get eliminated by spam filters

Thanks to Boomerang – one of our favorite Gmail plugins – we now also have a list of the most important things to avoid when creating an email. This includes one-to-one emails and email newsletters. Here is the quick summary and then explore their blog post for the details:



  1. You are both excited! And have a question?
  2. You need an urgent reply or assistance (and ask for it.)
  3. You keep it more than đź’Ż (% in your subject line.)
  4. You like to communicate with images, gifs, or memes.
  5. You are an excitable Oprah fan.
  6. You’re too formal with your email openings.
  7. You’re too much of a bro with your email openings
  8. You make imperfect edits to your HTML newsletter or email.
  9. You didn’t include an accurate plain-text version of that killer HTML email you put together.
  10. You mark your email as having “High Importance” in Outlook.
  11. You use a free webmail provider for your business email.
  12. You email people asking if they want or have something.
  13. You’re just trying to help (in your subject line.)
  14. You refer to your friend as “friend.”
  15. Your last name is Cash.
  16. You’ve managed to get an apostrophe in your email address.