Top Commercial Lead Generation Company Comparison

Buyer’s Journey #3 – Top features and benefits of CRE lead generation companies

Let’s face it — establishing a firm reputation, developing trustworthy alliances and compelling buyers to act isn’t a cinch in business, particularly if you’re a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) broker attempting to generate leads online. Luckily, a myriad of digital marketing companies have cropped up across the U.S. to help CRE professionals hook quality prospects on the regular.

Reliance on technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and advanced analytics software is growing by the day in the CRE world. As such, brokers and investors alike are looking to experts for help. Not one company out there offers an encompassing package that addresses all of a broker’s digital needs, but a handful of companies specialize in services that can make all the difference in building an online presence, capturing leads and building brand recognition.

Here’s a list of the top options available to CRE professionals today:

ML Jordan:
The team at ML Jordan promise their clients a comprehensive marketing package that includes, in part, website design, branding, email marketing, print marketing, lead generation, SEO, research and strategy, social media and financial analysis. At ML Jordan, generating content — whether that be through a blog post, video or podcast, social media announcements or direct email and print marketing — is the top solution for identifying quality leads. takes a new approach to locking in a CRE deal. Instead of relying on expert marketers to develop detailed digital strategies, the company brands itself on its platform, which is “controlled by you and powered by you.” Users receive notifications when an active tenant or buyer is in their market. It’s the “first site where you can list your need and get a lead” and will soon offer a feature that allows non-represented tenants or buyers to receive professional assistance with real estate negotiations.

A crew of expert web designers, content writers and marketing professionals make up the team at RealLaunch. The company is the first and only to offer industry-specific tools, such as Internal Rate of Return, Cap Rate and NOI calculators, directly to CRE clients. RealLaunch specializes in generating large numbers of quality leads by scouring analytics and prospecting online. Clients are not limited to long term contracts and the service is only offered to brokers operating in markets with a population over 75,000 people.

Calico Marketing:
The team at Calico Marketing pride themselves on their ability to offer customized website design as well as print and digital marketing materials. Lead generation comes in the form of templated sales letters and emails, for example, that are made out to tenants, landlords and investors.

CRE Tech:
The folks at CRE Tech focus the majority of their work on offering clients licensed web and mobile technology products to support the digital side of their business. Client-facing analysis tools such as TheAnalylist PRO, for example, aim to save time and offer crucial information to buyers when locating, reviewing a rating a property. Clients are encouraged to learn about the industry on their own by making use of analytic software and other measurement tools on the site.

Property Metrics:
The team at Property Metrics is passionate about providing their clients with the best CRE analysis software and training on the market today. With just a few clicks, curious researchers can gain instant access to the web portal, which offers software to create, analyze and share real estate pro forma online. The company also focuses on training users through online courses taught by industry veterans.

TAZA Systems:
TAZA Systems offers an extensive array of products to advance real estate asset management and overall productivity. Everything from bulk sales and purchase to buyer offer management is covered in the company’s line of productivity tools, which apply to all branches of the industry, including traditional real estate. Investors have the opportunity to gain access to their assets and performance through online data collection reporting.