Rapportive is a key Gmail Add-on you MUST start using

We’ve all done it… LinkedIn stalking that is. Need a little more information on a potential lead or just a little curious to know a little more about a potential employee?

Well if you’re a professional in your field then you’ve more than likely found yourself on LinkedIn trying to find out more, and why not? LinkedIn has an almost endless amount of information on a number of different companies and their employees, but here’s the downside, LinkedIn notifies each of its members of your investigative behavior.

Fear no more, this is where LinkedIn’s Gmail add-on, Rapportive comes in handy.

Rapportive actually allows you to do a little more investigative work on those you’re emailing to from within your Gmail inbox, without notifying them that you’re doing so. Not only does Rapportive provide you with their LinkedIn details, but you’re also given some other important contact information like their; Twitter handle, personal website addresses, Skype accounts, and even the common connections you may have. 

Rapportive is one of our favorites and we’re sure it’ll be one of yours too!

To learn more and to download Rapportive visit – https://rapportive.com