Our Favorite Brokers on Youtube 📺

Youtube is home to millions if not billions of videos on a number of topics, making it easy for anyone to access a world of how-to entertainment at the click of a button. Youtube is just one resource among many for commercial brokers and investors to use when trying to learn the basics and even the most complex aspects of CRE.

We’re always scrolling the platform for the latest in CRE and along the way we’ve found our favorite go-to brokers when it comes to learning a thing or two about CRE and its ever changing trends.

Below our a few of our favorite Brokers on Youtube featuring some of our favorite how-to videos.


Casey Bourque

Casey Bourque’s video “Commercial Real Estate Basics” is a great start for any new commercial real estate broker. Casey breaks down every aspect of how commercial real estate works from the different players in a commercial transaction to the roles each player plays. Casey’s video illustrations are always entertaining and informative!

Commercial Property Advisors

If you’ve considered owning commercial real estate in another state or even another country, Commercial Property Advisors’ “7 Tips When Buying Commercial Real Estate from a Long Distance,” will break down the process into 7 easy to understand tips. Commercial Property Advisors’ Peter Harris runs through a number of informative topics in his videos, but this one is one of our favorites! Especially because we’ve all considered investing in real estate outside of the current market we work in. Peter will break down the 7 things you need to know before you even consider investing in other markets.


Tyler Smith

When it comes to Tyler Smith, we can’t just pick one video of his to call our favorite. Each one of Tyler’s videos is energetic and motivating; providing the latest tips for all brokers and agents to benefit from. Although Tyler deals with a great deal of residential real estate there is still quite a bit you can take from his videos and apply to commercial real estate. Whether you’re looking for new ways to remain competitive or how to breakup with a client, Tyler covers it all! Check out Tyler’s 30 Day Challenge to get an inside scoop on how you can get more business, more leads, more referrals, and more networking.