myNOI Relaunches IRR Calculator

As a commercial real estate broker and investor, you know the importance that CRE metrics play in any real estate transaction. Being able to calculate these metrics accurately is just as important as knowing what each one means and the importance they play in evaluating any commercial property.

That’s why we’ve recently relaunched our CRE financial analysis calculator to help brokers and investors alike, insure they know they’re numbers. We have to admit, we think our new and improved calculator is pretty awesome!

The IRR Calculator PRO will calculate Property Cap Rates. 10 -Year Cash Flow. Net Operating Income. Total Return before Taxes. And the IRR. A full financial analysis of your commercial real estate property investment.

This calculator was created by commercial real estate brokers, appraisers, investors, developers, and property managers from decades of experience… so it tells the right story. The story of your numbers.


You can purchase your very own Branded IRR Calculator today. Check out for just $29.