Brooklyn, New York | Retail Cap Rates

As you may know, Cap Rates are essential in any commercial real estate investment and having an accurate cap rate helps investors determine whether or not a property is worth the risk. We here at myNOI calculate local cap rates for all commercial property types on a daily basis, using our Local Cap Rate tool.

We’ve recently calculated retail property cap rates in the Brooklyn, New York area and here is what we’ve found:

After comparing the cap rates of retail properties in the surrounding Brooklyn, New York area that have sold in the last six months, we found that the cap rates ranged from 4.53% – 7.82%, with an average of 5.69%.

For a cap rate in your area, use our easy to use Local Cap Rate tool and we’ll help you determine the average cap rate in any particular area.

NOTE: The information provided is not an appraisal or valuation from a certified appraiser or broker.