Fix Your Email Templates in 2018

Time to Improve your Email Templates.

Most brokers send some type of regular email newsletter. 2018 is a great time to implement at least a few improvements.

If you don’t have one already, is a popular platform for managing email newsletters. Check it out. Thanks to Mailchimp we also have some real data-driven optimization suggestions.

Their primary findings. The most successful emails tend to:

  1. Use simple layouts.
  2. Keep the copy concise.
  3. Repeatedly test what is sent.

It’s easy to get distracted creating a complex email. It takes more time and your audience probably doesn’t value it. And keep in mind people read emails on dozens of different devices. So simple wins. Images also help emails, but only if images are in correct balance with quantity of words.

With any great process, testing is essential. Figure out which email format provides the best customer response.

But, wait, Why do you even have an email newsletter? …if you have read this entire email and don’t know your WHY, stop. We will talk about the WHY next week.

Happy Emailing!