Answering your WHY …

Before you can create an awesome email newsletter you need to choose your WHY. It is the same question we all must ask:

WHY am I a broker?
“He who has a why can endure any how.” – Frederick Nietzsche

Entrepreneur has several articles discussing the “why in business“. Here a few highlights.

  1. Its easy with the daily routine to lose the WHY
  2. Remember, the WHY is what got your started as a broker. What was the original reason?
  3. Money is often mentioned as a motivator, but earning money usually represents a means to something else: freedom, safety, security, family, helping others, etc. The something else is your WHY.
  4. Your WHY will keep you from quitting when things are difficult.
  5. Your WHY can change the world. Don’t let your WHY be too small.
“Not every passion is a potential business — and that’s OK” Renée Warren 

Now what? 
Take some time to think it through. Do some research. Ask your friends. Watch this or any video from Simon Sinek.