CRE Lead Generation in 2018

How can lead generation for commercial real estate brokers be so similar today (2018) as it was in 2013! Well, not sure about the “join a country club”, but …. Check out this article from re: “prospecting“.


1. Cold Calls – Make a list of 5 people each day to call.
2. Warm Calls – These are the people who want to hear from you – you know, the ones you are just touching base with to say “hi”.
3. Canvass – Choose a property, go and shakes hands with as many as possible.
4. Broker Referrals – Have a list of brokers whom you refer to and refer to you.
5. Tips Groups ( – Join a tips group, stick around so other members get to know you and then contribute tips and you’ll get tips.
6. Handwritten Notes – Send 1 a day; they will add up.
7. Trade Journals/New Jobs section – Who has a new job in your market? Reach out and extend an offer of help when appropriate.
8. Facebook – Yes, Facebook. With over one billion users surly you can find prospects (more on this later).
9. Twitter – If you like staying connected, Twitter is a great way to get known as the “Go to Broker” in your market.
10. LinkedIn Inmail Messages – Need an introduction? Do it yourself with LinkedIn’s Inmail.
11. Typed Letters Sent via the US Post Office – Ah, the good old-fashioned letter – this is how I got started (that and the yellow pages!).
12. Postcards – If you can’t commit to this monthly, don’t bother.
13. Ads in Trade Journals – Yep, pay the price and see what happens. Most likely this will need to done repetitively.
14. Join your Target Market’s Trade Association – Hang out with your target market, get to know them.
15. Join the Chamber of Commerce – This is a great place to get referrals.
16. Speak – Speakers are always automatically thought of as, “The Expert”.
17. Article Publishing – Do you have something to say that will add value? Write it, get published instantly online and off.
18. Press Releases – Every time you complete a deal, do a press release – make it a habit.
19. Property Management Referrals – get to know a handful of property managers, ask for referrals, and pay referral fees.
20. Referrals From Other Professionals – Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Space Planners – Give and you will get.
21. Publish a Newsletter and Mail It – Write a one-page newsletter and mail it. Have great content.
22. Publish an eNewsletter – Email your same one-page newsletter.
23. Have a Top 100 list and Top 20 List – These are the people and companies you really want to do business with and for some reason to believe you can.
24. Display Ads – Place a display ad in your Target Market’s trade journal, but make it a regular habit so eventually the readers think they know you.
25. Advertorials – An advetorial is an article you have written about you and your business disguised as an actual article (but you pay for it).
26. Past Clients – This is the easiest way to get new clients. Maintain your relationships.
27. Current Client Referrals – Just ask.
28. Business From the Gym – My favorite. Be a gym rat and talk shop.
29. Country Club – Do you belong to a club? Get to know the members and refer business. Be mindful here, you don’t want to get a bad reputation.
30. Trade Shows – Go, be seen and see. 31. Appreciation Events – Host an appreciation event, your attendees will love you for it.
32. Seminars – Attend them, host them. 33. Mastermind Groups – Join one, have an agenda, meet regularly and have a goal to get business as a result.
34. Driving Around and Looking for Businesses Whose Parking Lots are Full— Then, call the decision maker and offer your services.
35. PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click Campaigns) – If you have a website this is a great strategy.
36. LinkedIn Groups – Join, ask and answer questions, connect, get business (More on this at a later date).
37. LinkedIn Introductions -Make them, ask for them. 38. Facebook Contests – Be creative with this, this can be a lot of fun. You don’t know how? Stay tuned…
39. YouTube – Video is King!
40. eBooks (think: Kindle) – Amazon is trying to single handedly shift our world to eBooks. Get published.
41. Craigslist – Post and get Tenants, Buyers, Sellers.
42. Website with Opt-In – An opt-in is the place where you sign up to get something of value that the website offers. In exchange they get your contact information.
43. SEO for Website – SEO is search engine optimization – makes it easier for Google to find you.
44. Be a Guest Columnist in the Press – Extend an invitation to a few trade journals to read offering to write an occasional guest column.
45. Tell Your Friends to Refer You – Your friends know and like you, do they really know what you do and that you’d like referrals? Tell them.
46. Videos – We talked about YouTube but you are not limited to YouTube, make your own with your cell phone and them post it on your Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, your Blog, email it.
47. NAIOP – Join, be active, get business 48. CCIM – CCIM is a great resource. Join and take advantage of all of the connections you will make. The other CCIM’s want to do business with you too.
49. SIOR – Another great association to be active in.
50. ICSC – I have been an ICSC member forever (when I joined there were no other woman!); it’s a great place to meet people and get new clients. I know! 51. Sign Calls – One of the best strategies. Know how to qualify and if the property doesn’t work, find out if something else will.
52. Bring a Friend Lunches – Host a lunch with a friend and each bring along a prospect for the other.
53. Referral Letters From Other Professionals – Give one, get one.
54. Referrals from Other Tenants – The key? Ask. If you’re good this won’t be a problem.
55. Send an email asking for business – Be brave, this works.
56. Mailing Relevant Stuff – Send articles and special reports to those who can use and appreciate them. Helps maintain relationships.
57. Email – Again, it keeps you in front of those you want to be in front of.
58. Refer Others – and the Law of Reciprocity will pay you back
59. Read the Paper – Always. Stay current with what’s going on around you – it will help you to be an interesting conversationalist.
60. Notice What Companies are Expanding – These companies may be doing well and can expand
61. By Delivering Truly WOW Client Service – A No Brainer!
62. – A service for identifying prospects.
63. – A service for identifying prospects.
64. – A service for identifying prospects (Call Elizabeth and tell her Cindy Spivack sent you, you will get a few extra perks).
65. Dunn and Bradstreet – A service for identifying prospects. 66. Fast Company Magazine – Read it for ideas on new and growing companies
67. New Startups – Find out who they are, develop a relationship and become the broker.
68. See Which Retailers are Expanding (maybe they need office or industrial space) – A great idea!
69. If a Retail Broker – Look at Retailers in other cities – Do this when you travel or use Google.
70. Dealmaker’s Weekly – Retail Magazine that will give you leads.
71. Crittenden Magazine – Retail Magazine that will give you leads.
72. Economic Development Departments – Be their friend, offer great information, get referrals.
73. Other Village Employees – Referrals here too.
74. Brainstorm Sessions – Sit for 30-minutes without interruptions and write a list of things you need to do in order to keep your pipeline full; use this list.
75. Call Old Prospects – One of the best, just do it.
76. Developers – Be friendly with the developers who are in your area, they can be a great source of business.
77. Rotary – Does your community have a Rotary Club? Is it worth joining? Check it out.
78. After Work networking – Invite a few people to join you for an after work drink.
79. Residential Agent Referrals – Get friendly with a handful of residential agent, get referrals and pay them a fee.
80. – You can get referrals from the website owner in exchange for a modest referral fee.
81. Driving and Just Observing – When is the last time you drove your market? Just drove…
82. Having a Great Online Presence – Easy? Yes, if you know how. Start with making sure your LinkedIn page is great.
83. Host Seminars (maybe at the library) – Have a Hot Topic you can talk about? Grab a room at the local library (you need to be a card holder) and invite others to join you. Provide a handout.
84. Do Google Searches for Your Target Market – Google can be your best friend when it comes to identifying prospects, use it regularly. You will be surprised how much you can learn.
85. Company Websites – Got one? Good. No, get one. Now, be sure you can be found online.
86. Send Personal emails to Prospects – This one’s easy, it’s a great way to add value and stay in touch.
87. Rent a Mailing List for Your Target Market – Just Google ‘List Brokers’.
88. Use – A fee based mass email provider (and it works).
89. Use – A fee based mass email provider.
90. – A fee based mass email provider. 91. Have an Appointment Setter – Hire this task out, many Top Producers do. A winner.
92. Update Your Database – Just making calls in your database updating the information will uncover prospects.
93. Advertise on a Billboard (yes really!) – I’ve never done this but think it’s a great idea!
94. Put Banners on High Profile Properties – I did this years ago and leased all of the vacancies, then got a big bonus from the owner.
95. Follow Up on Lease Expirations – Lease expirations are available, are you taking advantage?
96. Brochures – Are brochures still used? You betcha.
97. Email blasts – Send them but be sure they will add value to those who read them.
98. Multiple Listing Services for Commercial Property – Put your listings in all of them; this means you have to be aware of them.
99. Neighbors – Visit your clients’ neighbors and let them know what’s going on.
100. Open Houses – Host one, document who shows up and be sure to follow up – the money is in the follow-up.
101. Auctions – I’m not an expert on auctions but I know they work and work well. 102. ASK! A nifty approach.