5 New and FREE CRE Tools

Happy New Year!

We here at myNOI hope you had a wonderful holiday break filled with much needed rest and way too much food! But the new year is here and with it comes new beginnings…and what a better way to kick off the new year than with some new amazing and FREE CRE tools to help you get those new CRE deals up and rolling?

Below are our top 5 FREE CRE tools that all brokers should be using in this new year.

1. LoopNet Trends

This widget allows you to fully customize market trend graphs based on your location and property type. All graphics can be pasted to your websites, social media accounts, and any reports you’ve put together.


2. The News Funnel

Stay up to date on the latest CRE news from around the country. The News Funnel allows you to create your very own news geed so that you only see the real estate news that is relevant to you and your location.


3. IRR Calculator Pro

Here at myNOI we offer a free version of our IRR Calculator Pro for investors and brokers to use to calculate all of their important CRE metrics: IRR, CAP Rate, NOI, 10-Year Cash Flow, and Cash on Cash Returns. The IRR Calculator Pro allows you to create PDFs of your sessions to share with clients and other teammates. This calculator was created by our team of commercial real estate brokers, appraisers, investors, developers, and property managers with decades of experience.


4. CompStak

Compstak is a free lease comp exchange for CRE brokers, appraisers, and researchers. All submissions are anonymous and all comps are recent and accurate, Compstak will make sure of it.


5. Reonomy

Reonomy allows you to uncover contact information for owners of specific buildings by locating their information from other resources, like tax records and other important and informative documents. Reonomy also gives you to access comps and the ability to build portfolios and reports.

For even more CRE tools you should be using this year, check out VTS’ 14 Technologies Every Commercial Real Estate Broker Needs.