Recent Cap Rate Analysis

We calculate local cap rates for all commercial real estate property types arcoss the United States on a daily basis using our Local Cap Rate tool. Cap Rates are essential to making any investment decision and we’ve calculated them for you to insure that you make the best investment decisions.

Here are just a few recent cap rate analyses we’ve calculated for properties across the United States.

Altlanta, Georgia –

Chicago, Illinois –

San Diego, California –

Charleston, North Caroliona –

Mesa, Arizona –


Stay tuned for more cap rate analyses for all property types across the U.S.

For your own cap rate analysis, try our easy to use Local Cap Rate tool  or fill out the form below and we’ll help you determine the average cap rate in any particular area. 

Dalesmy Gonzalez is a graduate of Western Washington University where she studied Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

She specializes in optimizing digital marketing websites for commercial real estate brokers and connecting buyers, sellers, and investors across the US.

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