KTGY’s Apartment of the Future 🔮 PT. 2

KTGY’s Apartment of the Future Continued – PT. 2:


KTGY’s working spaces become “create” spaces, inspired from the co-working trend that is popular among young professionals today. Co-working spaces from companies like WeWork, Cover, and NeueHouse not only create an engaging and unique working environment, but they also host a number of work related events like; book talks, lectures, workshops, and more. KTGY plans on creating a space that takes this co-working concept and incorporates a campus-style vibe that helps reinforces collaboration and engagement among its residents.

KTGY designed this space with a hive in mind, “similar to the way bees live and work within the same area.” KTGY wants to create a space that is flexible for its users by providing multi-level working space with, amphitheater-like gathering space, child-care and play rooms, moving office cubes, and more.



Converging technology with entertainment becomes “amuse,” turning these experiences into what KTGY calls “enteractions.” Enteractions are fun and engaging ways to incorporate technology with the community by creating fitness amenities that focus on incorporating  technology and promoting wellness in new and exciting ways. KTGY imagined a digital glass wall for climbing that can create different routes by lighting up different hand and foot grips. In addition to this KTGY wants to give residents the ability to pull up holograms of Olympic runners and sports stars to compete against while running on the track that winds around their gym.

“Refresh” is a space in which residents can come to relax and unplug from everyday life. Refresh spaces as imagined by KTGY will promote wellness, self-care, and mindfulness for its residents; something that your typical apartment building has yet to incorporate or even promote within its buildings.

With all this in mind KTGY wants to create an outdoor path filled with greenery and art that eventually leads residents to saunas and steam rooms where residents can relax and detox their bodies from everyday stress and toxins. Connecting with the world around us is essential to basic human life and KTGY wants to help create an environment that allows its residents the ability to escape from everyday life and really connect with their world and their own senses.

KTGY is revolutionizing the way we live and work by paying attention to our basic needs as humans, while still focusing on creating new and exciting experiences that will continue to impress residents for years to come. As KTGY’s Anand stated, “this is the age of disruption, and we should all be paying attention.” KTGY is doing just that and developers and investors should be doing the same in order to predict and satisfy the what needs of residents today and for residents in the future.

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