KTGY’s Apartment of the Future 🔮 PT. 1

Enhancing the ways in which tenants experience everyday life; from eating, sleeping, working, and playing, KTGY Architecture + Planning Tysons has been able to revolutionize apartment living for future tenants. Designing “The Apartment of the Future,” KTGY has been able to tap into the basic human needs of residents and create a living and working space that is more than just functional or expected.

Looking at technology and how it continues to rapidly change, KTGY has been able to take these basic human needs and create experiences rather than new or revolutionary technology for tenants to experience rather than just use. With an intention to provide experiences, KTGY has been able to look beyond the need to predict or create new and revolutionary technology and instead focus on what tenants demand now and will always demand for years to come. Focusing on these basic needs; food, sleep, work, and play have allowed KTGY the ability to design buildings that create memorable human experiences.

According to Rohit Anand of KTGY,

“No matter whichever way technology goes, and no matter what happens in the future you should be paying attention to serving these basic instincts.”
With these instincts in mind, developers and designers will be able to provide not only necessities but  new and memorable experiences for tenants each and every day.

KTGY has been able to take each one of these needs and turn it on its head. Take a look at how KTGY has designed their multi-family buildings for the future in order to embrace not only technology but the need and desire for human experiences:



KTGY’s impressive and engaging eating space is actually called a “consume” space, which is dedicated and designed with the idea of society’s need and desire for “instant gratification and on-demand access to goods and services.” In developing this space KTGY had a number of different companies in mind that provide its consumers with a variety of on-demand and instant services, for instance; Netflix, Uber, and even Amazon with their 2-day delivery services.

In order to satisfy this need for instant gratification, KTGY has decided to incorporate 3D printing within these consume spaces. 3D printing is a pretty new technological advance and it’s exciting everyone, but can you image what it could become in 10 years time, all the things you could do with a 3D printer? KTGY has imagined installing these 3D printer to tracks that run on along ceilings, so that residents have the ability to print anything they want from anywhere in the building instantaneously.

These consume spaces aren’t just your normal dining area, but are innovative gathering places inspired by retail stores. Taking this concept of pop-up stores, KTGY plans on creating consume spaces that are much like these popular pop-up shops where it’s structure and even the products they carry vary almost every other day.

KTGY was inspired by a New York pop-up show called Story, who revamps their “experiential” shop every few months with all new products, new design, concept and even a store theme. One month the store’s theme could be farm-to-table with fresh and local food products, cooking classes, events and more. And another month could be dedicated to skin care, featuring all organic products and self improvement lectures and talks. This allows Story to listen to their customers and figure out what does and doesn’t work for them. KTGY plans to do the same by creating a flexible space that is open 24/7 and can continuously change; just like the world and people, things change and with it so should these types of spaces. Because people want more, they demand more – in the form of new and different products that ultimately provide new and unusually unique experiences.


Stay tuned for part 2 of our article KTGY’s Apartment of the Future next week!

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