Why I’m Still a Buyer in Today’s Market

These days the real estate market is certainly in favor of buyers much more than it is for sellers of real estate. This at times creates a difficult environment when it comes to seeking out opportunities for investment, but for this very reason you shouldn’t loss hope and start selling all your properties. Today on BiggerPockets.com we discover the “3 Reasons I’m Still a Buyer in Today’s Real Estate Market” and why you should be too.

1. It’s Important to Create a Consistent Discipline and Stick to it

  • The best investors beat others by losing less than other investors
  • Focus on an area and learn to master it
  • Don’t sit idle, create opportunities

The Real estate market much like life is unpredictable and for many sticking to old habits allows us to somehow predict future outcomes. Creating a well structured plan of execution for all your investments allows you the luxury of certainty or at least predictability. The article’s author, Gus Ross  states that “know[ing] where the area of focus [is] and master[ing] that system,” is essential. Rather than sitting idle, stay active, create your own opportunities to learn and grow from. 

2. Market Cycles Exist But Can’t Be Timed Perfectly

  • Prices fluctuate
  • We’re at the peak of the cycle

According to Ross, investors are currently thriving in the market, meaning that we are closer to the peak of this market cycle…which could only mean that the fall is closely approaching. You shouldn’t stop investing, but instead continue to keep an eye out for potential properties to invest in, keeping in mind a tightened list of criteria that these new investments MUST meet.

3. Nobody Knows Where Prices Are Going

Real Estate Investment Trusts

  • Predicting the future is not easy
  • Even experts get it wrong sometimes

Even the best in the business don’t do well when it comes to predicting the future, so remember that while it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to these experts and their advice, but you should always consider your own circumstances and handle your situation accordingly.

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