How to Find Qualifying 1031 Exchange Properties

Now that you’ve become an expert in the basics of 1031 exchanges and know how to navigate your way through them, you may be wondering “where can I find qualifying 1031 exchange properties?”

In order to help you along your path in finding an appropriate 1031 property, we’ve compiled a list of resources aimed at helping commercial real estate investors find qualifying 1031 exchange properties in their area.


1. LoopNet – 1031 Exchanges for Sale


Among the number of tools LoopNet offers CRE professionals, they also offer a database of qualifying 1031 exchange properties for sale all over the United States. Rather than tirelessly searching your local commercial properties for a qualifying 1031 property, LoopNet allows you to search their easy to use database of already qualified properties.

2. Managed Real Estate – When 1031 Experts Compete, You Win!

Managed Real Estate not only provides investors with the largest 1031 property list for free, but they also match you with their top 1031 experts who will help guide you along the way and insure you acquire the best property for your exchange.

3. Post 1031 – Exchange Property Search

Post 1031 allows you to easily search their listings of qualifying 1031 exchange properties for free and by becoming a member you’ll be able to add your own properties. In addition to this, Post 1031 offers a number of tools to assist you along your exchange journey, like their: capital gains and mortgage calculator.

4. 1031 Gateway

1031 Gateway provides a number of resource to help keep you informed and educated in the realm of 1031 exchanges. With access to their list of  1031 exchange properties and their 1031 exchange calculators to help you calculate the capital gains and your 1031 exchange time limit; which you may remember from our previous blog “How Many Days is a 1031 Exchange?” is very important, if not detrimental to meet these deadlines.


For more information, visit: LoopNet, Managed Real Estate, Post 1031, and 1031 Gateway.

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