Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in Bellevue and Kirkland



This month’s featured commercial real estate broker and residential agent is Kam Deol. Kam has been providing his expertise in the Bellevue & Kirkland, WA market for over a decade. By taking a bad situation and learning from it, Kam was able to sharpen his skills and learn about the real estate industry during the height of the ’08 housing crash. Allowing him to grow as an expert in selling properties of all types, shapes, sizes, and sale prices.

Kam focuses his efforts in a number of markets including: commercial retail properties, residential single family, and condominiums. With the overwhelming opportunities invest in Bellevue & Kirkland,┬áKam can help provide the expertise you’ll need when it comes to searching and finalizing a real estate deal.

For more insider knowledge on the Bellevue & Kirkland, WA market contact Kam Deol, myNOI’s selected commercial real estate and residential broker in King County.