3 Ways to get more GREAT CRE LEADS

Everyone can promise more great leads for your business. But don’t be fooled. Some options can have a negative impact over time. More than ever the “long tail” approach is the most effective way for your to grow your real estate business. Check out 3 options:
  1. Create Useful Content: Add at least 1 post per week to your website that is truly useful and follows a search long tail search phrase like “high cap rate investment properties in ____“. This page may not be visited hundreds of times, but when someone does search and find this page it will be exactly what they are looking for. Learn more about Long Tail
  2. 3rd Party Lead Gen: Subscribe to a service like RealLaunch Leads at https://leads.reallaunch.com/register and receive local leads via email. You get to review the lead before “claiming it”. RealLaunch does the work on finding qualified real leads for you. You don’t pay for these leads with RealLaunch until you close a deal.

  3. Social Media Interaction: Launch an Instagram account that you can enjoy and naturally engage with your audience. This isn’t a time to sell. Its a time to engage and communicate.