What job to go with?

Disclaimer: don’t know which sub this would best suit.

Hey all, so im in a bit of a predicament. i finished school up this past may and have been working in a client service role remotely. it’s easy and decent pay, but i studied real estate in college and know that a role in that field will help push me to the next level. i’ve been offered a role in valuations for a better pay than current role but is temporary remote and based in Chicago. with the first role, i have more flexibility for networking and doing real estate things on the side while with the other role, it’d help boost my understanding but would take up a lot more time as it is going to be in person and i’d have to move out for the role (company doesn’t cover it)….i don’t know what to do here. the best people i’ve seen are those who leave good for great.

What’re your thoughts?

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