Troubles with mortgage company

I bought a house on a river in Oregon 2 years ago that requires flood insurance. At the time I was told the only insurer covering extreme risk is FEMA, so I had a $280/mo policy through them. Early last year I learned they changed the law that was holding back private insurers and we could get insurance for $1100/year. I signed up and paid it.

Then it turned out you can’t cancel flood insurance mid year and everyone said the insurance I bought (lloyds of london) should have known, so they deferred the insurance to kick in now in November when the year was up.

At that time, my mortgage company kept sending me letters saying I had no insurance and they bought temporary insurance, charged me for it, I had insurance the entire time. Whatever, I let it go and made it a goal to ensure the insurance changes this month, I talked to them at the time 8 months ago and they assured me they flagged it to not renew the FEMA policy.

A month ago I called to remind them the FEMA policy was up in November and they didn’t have anything noted. They assured me that that time they did note it and set it to not renew the policy.

So I call today and they renewed the FEMA policy. I’m so frustrated with them is there anyone that regulates these people? Should I expect to pay $280/mo for another year because they’re incompetent? Do I have to go to small claims court and sue them for the difference? Is there something like the insurance commissioner for mortgages that can make them figure it out without charging me? I have emails from a month ago where I reminded them yet another time about the upcoming change. Meanwhile the start date on the other policy was Nov 1

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