The BEST CRE Blogs You Should Be Reading

When it comes to keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest in commercial real estate, there are a number of great and informative resources out there on the internet. But let’s face it, there’s just so much out there, it makes it hard to find content that’s not only reliable but also, new, interesting and informative all at the same time.

In order to stay competitive in this already competitive market, it’s more than important to keep yourselves informed. Not only in the latest CRE transactions, but the latest and newest trends, technologies, tools and more.

So in order to help you stay informed, we’ve searched the massive world that is the internet and found a list of the best CRE blogs you should be reading, according to VTS’ Billy Fink. With Billy’s help, we’ve broken down these best commercial real estate blogs to help you navigate which are best for you, your market and your expertise.

CRE Blueprint:

“Real Estate sits at the heart of how people work, live and thrive.”

  • You’ll find interesting research reports, global trends, analyses, discussions on trends influencing CRE.
  • Articles regarding “life at work”.
  • Both local CRE articles and global CRE articles.
  • Engaging, thought-provoking and illuminating content.


JLL Real Views:

  • Explore a number of topics including: trends, design, data/analytics, innovation, sustainability, workplace, technology and more.
  • CRE news and information from around the globe.
  • Hundreds of CRE videos.



  • Short but informative blog articles.
  • Articles from noted industry experts and commentators from a wide variety of perspectives.
  • Submit your own articles!


The Tenant Advisor:

  • From The Tenant Advisor – Coy Davidson.
  • Tons of helpful and informative articles for tenants.


Duke Long:

  • Has lead the charge for tech in CRE.
  • Straight to the point analyses of the latest CRE topics.
  • Webinars
  • Podcast episodes with CRE experts.



The blogs listed above are only a few of the best CRE related blogs mentioned by Billy Fink, for a full list of the best CRE blogs you should be reading, check out Billy’s article, “9 of the Best Commercial Real Estate Blogs”.