Should I hire a home inspector for a final walkthrough if I can’t attend?

We are purchasing our first home in Vegas, currently in Arizona. Everything so far has gone smoothly and we are in the final steps of closing- only thing left is final walkthrough and wiring the down payment.

Due to my work schedule, I’m unable to go in person to conduct a final walkthrough. My agent has offered to send his assistant but after googling what should be done at a final walkthrough, I’m wondering if I should hire an inspector so that it’s more thorough.

I understand that minor issues that arise will not be able to be negotiated with the sellers, just want a professional rather than an agents assistant doing this for me.

I was present for the home inspection a few weeks prior, with an inspector recommended by my agent. Home is 1900 sq ft, built in 2018- inspector took 45 min to inspect and report came back really clean. So I’m hoping hiring my own inspector can give me peace of mind one last time, especially since I can’t attend.

Wondering if this is appropriate or what else to do at this point. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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