[Seattle, US] Has anyone built a rooftop patio on their (flat roof) house? How much did your house value change?

We bought a 2 story home in Seattle in November of last year for $690k. We’ve since been upgrading, improving, renovating the interior. When we bought the house, the roof was a known “needs to be improved” issue. The builders were lazy with the finish and fortunately, my husband is extremely handy and knowledgeable about designing, building, repairing homes. He created extensive plans for the rooftop renovation in autocad and got a permit from the city. He is nearly halfway done with reinforcing the roof trusses and building the parapets, waterproofing and drainage for a 700-800 sq ft rooftop patio. In a few weeks, we’ll install the real wood deck flooring in the back patio area and finish the front area next spring and summer. for those interested, here are more pics of the rooftop project in progress

There aren’t many homes in our area that are as new as this house and the majority of homes that even have a rooftop patio are tall and skinny townhouses. I’m curious if anyone here has done a similarly extensive project and if so, did it increase the value of your home?

Feel free to ask questions! Thanks!

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