Right of Ways – requirements, obligations, tips and tricks

I have a seasonal property abutting a road, and one of my neighbors passes over my property on a dirt right of way (that I own) to get to the main road. The neighbor recently converted their property from seasonal to year round.

They also have been using additional area on my property as a turnaround, for parking, and for winter snow removal. I planted some shrubs to prevent this. They have room for all of these activities on their own property.

What are my obligations and reasonable expectations on their part for how the right of way is maintained? They’ve called me over the winter requesting that I maintain the right of way (downed tree) and have recently called and asked me to move my hedges, implying that they’re going to continue to use my property over the winter while I’m gone if they decide they need to.

It seems like I need to formally establish clear expectations of use with them because the traditional “you stay on your land, I’ll stay on mine” principle isn’t working. Do I need a lawyer?

Edited to clarify right of way.

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