Relocation company helping to sell our Condo. Appraisal Question

We are in the process of moving Cities & are getting assistance helping to sell our Condo. As part of the benefits, there is a guaranteed purchase agreement in place with the Relo Company if we fail to sell the Condo within 120 days.

As park of the process, we had to have 2 Market analysis reports from different Realtors and there is a $64K difference between their Top $ figures which we might be able to sell our Condo for. Our listing agent thinks it might not appraise if we list too high. She came in lower.

Part of the process is the relocation company gives us 3 different appraisal companies and we have to chose 2. They then appraise the property and the Avg price of both reports is what we look to make on the guaranteed purchase agreement after 120 days if we do not sell in that time.

Any advice on how to Maximize the appraisal for our Condo and if we should ask the appraisal companies some questions beforehand before making a decision on who to chose? Would the listing price normally match the appraisal or should we list slightly lower to avoid the condo being appraised less?

Brooklyn NY

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