Purchasing Another Home DTI Ratio

Hey guys, so in the past 18 months I’ve purchased 2 homes. I’m looking to purchase a third home but I think my DTI ratio is too high.

Primary Home – have about 770k balance on it. Payments are 4100 but I have 2 roommates that generate almost 2000 per month. I will likely rent it when I purchase the new home.

Secondary Home – Have about 300k balance on it and my extended family uses it as a vacation home. 1500 a month.

With both homes Im paying roughly 5600 a month. I’m looking to rent out the space for my primary home and buy another home in which I will likely carry another 800k balance.

My question is my income is 19k a month and currently my payments are 5600 a month. What is the highest DTI ratio that I can get a conventional mortgage on? If I were to buy another primary, my payments will likely be another 4100 a month.

I have about 400k in my retirement. 100k liquid cash and about another 250-300k in stock investments.

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