Listing a Home with a Guest House

My husband and I will be having a 400sf guest house built in our backyard. The structure will be conditioned, have sufficient natural light, and be equipped with both a full bath and kitchenette. The construction company keeps calling it ‘pool house’ when it’s really a ‘guest house’… did the language they used in permitting screw us over?

The Grading/Drainage plan that just got approved by the city for the civil permit was stamped with the following description: “not to be used for living or sleeping purposes”. I’m assume it says this on the civil permit because it relies on the issuance of a residential permit to speak to the ‘livability’ of the structure. I plan to call the city to clarify but we’re in a bit of a panic.

We understand that this structure wouldn’t contribute to the square footage of the main structure, but would the square footage be accounted for at all if/when we list the house in the future?

Our friends who have a similar set-up, 2300sf main house with a 300sf guest house, and zillow adds those two figures up and lists their house at 2,600sf (though clarifies the breakdown of the two structures in the narrative description). Would our property be listed the same way by a realtor?

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