Inventory in Western Washington is the BEST it has been in 3 YEARS!

You heard that right, according to Seattle PI’s recent article, “Inventory in Western Wash. is the best in 3 years. So what should buyers do about it?”

If you’re curious about the current market here in Western Washington we’d advise you take a deeper dive and read the Seattle PI’s piece, but for the sake of time, we’ve gone through and made a list of the article’s important takeaways.


  • At month’s end (August) the market had 18,850 active listings.
  • King County tied for largest jump in inventory with a 74.3 percent increase.
  • Experts see stability in the affordable and mid-price ranges in all market areas.
  • “This is the best time in three years to be aggressive in the marketplace.” -George Moorhead – designated broker at Bentley Properties

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