If home sellers are supposed to close our sales within two weeks of the bank’s “clear to close,” but we’re not exactly sure when that will be, how on earth are we supposed to schedule our move-out?

My co-op apartment is currently in contract, and it still has all of my furniture and belongings in it. I plan to sell my furniture and move my belongings across the country. The problem is if I start selling my furniture now, then I’m stuck with trying to sell empty apartment if anything goes wrong with the sale. But if I wait until the bank’s “clear to close,” then I only have two weeks to get everything out of there. I’m assuming a cross-country move needs some advance scheduling. How on earth am I supposed to schedule the emptying of my apartment when things are so up in the air re: the bank’s timing and the board’s timing re: the prospective buyer interview? How do people manage this? Thank you!

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